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One way to be organized is to have a complete checklist of to-dos or whatever that needs to be looked into. A home inspection is no exemption to such an organization strategy. There are three good reasons why a home inspection checklist is beneficial. One, it assures a high level of performance. Two, it ensures consistency. Three, for ethical fairness and purposes. Benefits can range from not missing out on anything to avoiding conflicts of interests by adhering to standards. The home inspection business, however, is not limited to having one checklist. Our home inspectors from Connecticut use checklists to ensure that such critical inspection is done accurately. Take a look at Lighthouse Inspections checklists and the nature and benefits of each.


First, we look at is the checklist of actions a client must take between scheduling and the actual inspection. The purpose of this first checklist is to ensure that nothing is left out unintentionally that might require rescheduling. This list ensures that nothing interferes with the inspection such as pets, movers, deliveries, no blockages to access on crawlspaces, attic, electrical panels, garage, utilities are turned on, and nothing is locked.


The next checklist adheres to ethical standards. The benefit of this checklist is to preempt conflicts of interests and that the performance of our inspectors during a Connecticut home inspection does not fall short of professionalism. This includes, a) inspector must disclose any personal relationships with other parties involved b) not use his report to gain future referrals c) the inspector must not agree to report predetermined conditions c) no fraudulent advertising d) the inspector must not provide remedial work to compensate an inspection for one year afterward.


The third checklist stipulates the general exclusions of the inspection such that a) inspection is not exhaustive b) it doesn’t involve the inspector to move things for easy access c) the inspection is not a code compliance review d) the inspection is not a survey for environmental or hazardous materials.


The final checklist is one that is extremely significant during the inspection. Everything that needs to be assessed is listed here. The purpose of this checklist is for the client to be aware of what to expect, what will be inspected, and how extensive the Connecticut home inspections are. The following is the list of components inspected during a home inspection in Connecticut.


The exterior of the Structure

Foundation, Roof, Flashing, Chimney, Downspouts, Gutters, Siding, Trim, Windows, Doors, Stairs, Decks & Patios, Grading, Drainage

Rain Protection

Gutters, Downspouts, Grading, Overall property drainage

Interior of the Structure

Ceilings, Walls, Floors, Closets, Electrical Outlets, Windows, Kitchen Cabinets, Counters & Exhaust 


Insulation, Ventilation, Framing, Water Penetration, Accessibility & Storage


Foundation Materials, Flooring, Supporting Members, Stairways, Water Penetration, Area Ventilation & Drainage

 Surrounding Components

Driveways, Walkways, Retaining Walls


Bath & Kitchen Fixtures, Vents, Water Flow & Shutoff Valves

Domestic Water Heater

Equipment, Capacity, Energy Source & Safety Controls

Heating System

Equipment, Energy Source, Zones, Safety Controls, Ductwork/ Piping

Air Conditioning

Equipment, Zones, Ductwork

Electrical System

Service Entry, Meter, Type, Rating of Overload Protection, Grounding, Bonding, Distribution Panel, Circuits, Outlets, Fixtures, Conductor Materials & Branch Systems 

Garage or Carport

Overhead Doors, Safety Controls & Fire Protection Materials


Damper Operation, Exposed Flue, and Hearth


While most people think that a home inspection is not mandatory, our goal here at Lighthouse Inspections is to ensure that homeowners have a complete understanding of the property. Checklists are just one way of showcasing our commitment to providing our clients only the best.

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